Steven Gerard has shown quite a bit of interest in the fact that Liverpool might be able to hold the cup after six long years of drought.

The captain has been quite contented with the performance of all the team mates and has seen quite a bit of improvement for all the members down the years.

Their deteriorating performance has been seen in the fact that they have not managed to gain a single cup since 2006 where they managed to win the FA cup championship. Now after a span of 6 years of hard work and effort, they finally reach a stage where they are confident of winning the League Cup and adding another silver ware to their already existing collections.

This might be quite a boost for the entire team and winning the cup might give them some added confidence by which they might perform even better. Steven Gerard is just hopeful that there is nothing unfortunate that turns up at the end due to which they have to lose an important chance of winning the cup.

Although they seem to be at a better position against their competitors for the finals, one can never be sure of anything unless it’s completely over and the result is known. A similar phase happened in the year 2001, when they managed to win the league cup that year and went on to win three more cups consecutively. There’s no denying the fact that an award or trophy acts as a catalyst and players feel the need to perform better as they get to see rewards for their effort in front of their eyes.

Steven Gerard is making sure that no lose ends are present which might spoil the entire show of events and lead to their loss at such a close and final stage.