Liverpool skipper was star in Previous Show against FC Sasel

Steven Gerrard still has it in him. The Liverpool skipper was the star of the show the previous Tuesday in the Champions League home game against FC Basel.

The Reds could not win, but, the way they played in the second half especially in the final 10 minutes or so, it was superb and Gerrard was responsible for that.

Right through the game, the energy level of Gerrard was right up there. He had stepped on to the field with some determination. His shoulder did not drop at all when he saw the comparatively weaker opponent side going 1-nil up. That actually motivated him more. He was screaming, trying to charge his teammates up.

The leveller was always going to come with that attitude of Gerrard and it was he himself who took the onus when the opportunity popped up in the dying stages with a scintillating free kick. It was sheer class by the former England player. He made the entire crowd go up on its feet.

Liverpool obviously could not qualify for the knockout stages having finished third in the group and it means that Gerrard might not play ever again in the Champions League.

The Reds are not looking like qualifying for the showpiece competition this season and nobody knows if in 2016, Gerrard would be active in the professional arena or not.

So, it might prove to be Gerrard’s last Champions League appearance and if that’s the case, he would be very proud to have finished this way. He set the stage on fire.

The no. of Gerrard’s critics has increased a lot this season. Many people reckon he should not be a regular for Liverpool anymore. But, he showed the world the other night that he could not be counted down and out just yet.