Rangers manager Steven Gerrard has responded to rumours that he is making moves to bring former Liverpool youngsters to the club. There were lots of speculations that Dominic Solanke, Harry Wilson and Ben Woodburn could be on their way to Rangers to play under Gerrard.

Gerrard says he remains a fan of the club but he would not be making loan moves for the youngsters are widely reported. He has already taken OvieEjaria with him to Rangers but he would likely not be adding more. The coach has said he would focus on strengthening the defence next.

Steven Gerrard will have the same tactics as a coach

Steven Gerrard secured his 1st job as a coach on January of 2017 as the Liverpool legend was given an academy coaching role and the Englishman revealed some of the ways that he is envisioning on how to take up this new chapter and challenge of his life.

According to the UEFA Champions League winner for the season of 2004-05, he will continue to utilize his same vision and sense of tactics that the Englishman used as a player but as a coach as well.

“My teams will be physical, but I think it is important you channel it in the right way. As a player I got many tackles wrong and went over the top a few times and had to apologize. That is not something I want to put into kids or young players, but you have to prepare them for the top level which is physical and demanding and it is not just about tackles and competing”

“I hate watching footballers and football when there is no physical side and you don’t compete. There is a showboating mentality through academies. A lot of kids that play the games think they have to do 10 lollipops or Cruyff turns to look good or stand out.We all love a bit of skill and talent. I love all that but the other side of the game is huge. It’s massive. I like streetwise footballers. I think all the top players come from the street”

Those were the statements released by Steven Gerrard as he talked about how he wants to transform his team and what the Liverpool icon wants his squad to focus on.

He focused on having a physical team and even though having dribbling skills are impressive, Gerrard wants them to become more complete players and not simply concentrate on specific things.

Jurgen Klopp wants Arsenal to Quicken the Transfer Process

Jurgen Klopp doesn’t think that the Reds are lagging behind in the transfer market and that they should show a bit of urgency.

The supporters are concerned by the fact that the other top sides in the Premiership are doing a hell of a lot of shopping, while, Liverpool has not been too keen on that.

But, Klopp urges the supporters to take into account that the teams which are making frequent signings this summer, be it Manchester United or anyone else, they have offloaded a number of their players and they need to slot in new names to fill the vacant places that have been created because of the departures.

But, the case of Liverpool is not similar to that. Liverpool hasn’t offloaded too many players. So, there is no need of too many new signings and it’s not that there hasn’t been any signing made by Liverpool at all. There have been a few. But, they can’t go on an unnecessary shopping spree.

Klopp says that if the supporters seek new signings just for the mere reason that the rival clubs have made new signings, then that is completely illogical and the Liverpool management can’t do anything to please them in that regard. The management and the club know what they require from the market this summer and they believe they are on track to get that.

As per Klopp, whoever is feeling panicky because of the club not doing much of inbound business, he doesn’t have anything to say to them. The only thing he can say is that he, as the head coach of the team, is not feeling panicky at all and if he is not feeling panicky, the supporters should understand that everything is alright.

Steven Gerrard welcomes his 1st son to the world

Former Liverpool player Steven Gerrard is starting a new chapter in his life as he was recently appointed as the new head coach of the under 18’s Liverpool squad.

JurgenKlopp praised Steven Gerrard as the German manager said that Gerrard has the attitude and knowledge that is needed in order to be a successful coach.

However, there is something else that has emerged in the personal life of Steven Gerrard that has started to spread around and it does not even have to with football.

A few days ago the Liverpool star confirmed on his instagram account that his 1st son was born as his post read: “Lio George Gerrard was born this morning at 4.55am . Both are doing great . Our family is complete ❤”.

Steven Gerrard name him Lio and it’s believed that this is because of Barcelona’s Lionel Messi who is considered to be by many as one of the best footballers of all time and Gerrard has praised Messi in the past and he has not been shy in expressing his thoughts concerning the Argentinean attacker.

‘’The best there will ever be. He’s an incredible footballer. I think the best ever, the best there will ever be. He’s just an absolute pleasure to watch.” This is the statement that Steven Gerrard released back on November of 2016 when Barcelona faced off with Celtic in the Champions League and 2 goals from Messi was enough for the Spanish club to win.

In Gerrard’sinstagram account he stated that his family is complete as it appears like the Liverpool coach does not have any plans of having more children.

Fanatics and even former Steven Gerrard teammates have congratulated the Englishman wishing him good luck not only for his newest family member but also for his recently started coaching career.

Gerrard to succeed as manager

Former Liverpool striker Djibril Cisse believes that Steven Gerrard has all the necessary qualities to succeed as a manager.

Gerrard who has started his career has an academy coach last month has apparently convinced the former French international.

Cisse said that Gerrard has the necessary qualities to lead a team especially after the team talk that has inspired the team to win the Champions League in Istanbul. For those that do not remember Liverpool were trailing 3-0 in the champions league final against AC Milan and it is Steven Gerrard that gave an inspiring pep talk that rallied the troops and allows them to mount an incredible comeback.

DjibrilCisse said that it was an honor for him to be playing with Steven Gerrard and that he is a natural leader. He always had the appropriate words to motivate his team mates, and the Frenchman said that this would allow him to become a great manager.

Cisse said that he has not spoken to Gerrard yet, but he believes that taking a job at the Liverpool Academy is a good step for the player and working alongside a manager such as Jurgen Klopp should provide him with the necessary experience to manage at the highest level.

Cisse said that he has always been an admirer of Steven Gerrard and it is the speech that he gave in Istanbul that convinced him that the former Liverpool captain could go on and become a successful manager.

Gerrard knows how to motivate people and create passion in the heart of the people. He believes that this was the main reason why Liverpool managed to fight back in the Champions League final and go on and win the cup.

Cisse believes that Gerrard could achieve a great managerial career, but he will have to start somewhere.


The former Liverpool midfield maestro had nothing but praise for Jesse Lingard after his assist in the Manchester United win over West Brom at the Hawthorns.

Steven Gerrard has likened Jesse Lingard to Manchester United legend – David Beckham after his sumptuous assist for Ibrahimovic’s goal in the 2-0 win over West Brom on Saturday evening.

Manchester United saw off the threat of West Brom courtesy of a Zlatan Ibrahimovic double at the Hawthorns. Jesse Lingard teed up Zlatan with a pinpoint cross to open the scoring in the fifth minute.

Gerrard is of the opinion that the England international stands out on the pitch because he is full of energy and tenacious in that he makes unselfish runs for the team. He was also impressed with Lingard’s crossing ability in the match.

Gerrard told BT Sport, “Don’t underestimate how difficult that cross is [for Ibrahimovic’s opener at West Brom]. It’s on the bounce, he’s running at full pace… it’s Beckham-esque.

Glen Hoddle was also full of praise for the England international on BT Sport, saying that Jesse Lingard is a full back’s worst nightmare. Hoddle also heaped praise on the player because of his crossing ability and pace.

Hoddle said, “If you are a full back you’d hate to mark him, because you can’t win. He will spin in behind you because he has got the pace.

“And for me, like the goal, it is the timing of when you make the runs. You can make them too early and the full-backs not worried, you make them too late and you’re offside.

“But the timings of his runs, he’s been taught very well. He’s just got to finish off with a few more goals. Be a goal scorer. He’s a wonderful talent”.

Manchester United are 13 points behind league leaders, Chelsea after 17 games in the 2016/2017 season.

Gerrard happy with Liverpool performance

Former Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard said that he was happy with the way Liverpool played against Manchester United.

He said that the players had given the best on the pitch and it is unfortunate that they could not score a goal.

Gerrard said that Manchester United came to Anfield to get a point from the game and was not interested in attacking. He said that it is never easy to create chances against this kind of tactics and believes that the players have done well during the match.

The former Liverpool captain said that David de Gea produces some outstanding saves as well and this is what denied Liverpool and much-deserved win in the game. Overall he is satisfied with the performance of the team

Gerrard said that not all teams would come to Anfield and play like Manchester United did. He believes that Liverpool will have other matches where they could score early and forced the opposition to open themselves up. He said that Mourinho set up his team in order to prevent Liverpool from playing their usual games and that they need to find a way to play against teams that play such tactics. He trusts Klopp to find a strategy to win games against such opposition and believes that the team will come more dangerous as the season goes by.

He believes that the team is progressing well under Jurgen Klopp and he believes that Liverpool will be among the teams that will challenge for the title at the end of the season. However, it is important that they show some consistency. He said that it is no use beating the big sides only to lose or draw games against the smaller sides.

Steven Gerrard believes that Liverpool has a genuine chance to win the title this season especially with the fact that they are not in Europe.

Emre Can Says a Long Way to Go before matching Gerrard

Liverpool clearly miss Steven Gerrard even after more than a year since his departure to LA Galaxy.

Even though he may have regressed as a player towards the latter years of his career at Liverpool, Gerrard grew even bigger as a captain. The leadership offered by the former England midfielder was inspirational on numerous occasions. In his absence, a number of potential candidates have been playing their mark to secure the armband on a permanent basis. When Gerrard was still playing at Liverpool, Jordan Henderson came up to become an unlikely successor to the armband.

However, poor performances coupled with a long list of injuries in the last 12 months seem to have now left the position open with the likes of James Milner and Emre Can also competing. Few would have imagined thatEmre Can would be in the list of Gerrard successors. However, the German has become one of the most improved players at Anfield in the last 12 months. Even then,Emre Can believes that he is nowhere near enough to reaching the level of Gerrard, but he is hoping to have the armband. After a long term injury suffered towards the end of last season,Emre Can is making good progress in his rehabilitation and is likely to return to full fitness in the next few games.

“I have to go my own way, be Emre Can. I met him in Los Angeles, we have stayed in touch.I can say I am a leader but you have to show it. Of course we have other leaders like Hendo [Jordan Henderson] or [James] Milner. We all want to do it.I am like that. I want to be the one pushing the team on of course. As I said, I want to show that to everyone.I have played plenty of games,” said Can.

Gerrard asks fan to get behind Henderson

Former Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard has urged fans to support the new captain Jordan Henderson.

Jordan Henderson was named Liverpool captain last season but has since then enjoyed a poor period with the team. Indeed he was injured multiple times and has experienced a poor form ever since then.

Steven Gerrard has urged fans to get behind the player. He said that Jordan Henderson is a great player and committed to the team, but unfortunately, he has been affected by injuries. He believes that the new captain will need all the support he can get to come back to his best form. He has asked the staff, the fans, the players as well as the manager to do everything they can in order to help Jordan Henderson come back to his best.

Steven Gerrard stated that he knows what it feels like to be injured. He said that as a player you lose your confidence as well as your motivation. He believes that Jordan Henderson is a strong player and that he is desperate to be back in the team. But for this to happen he needs support from all the people around him.

The LA Galaxy player believes that Jordan Henderson can be a great asset for Jurgen Klopp if he remains fit during the campaign. Henderson can motivate and inspire players around him. He believes that the German manager has a good squad, but it is important that each player plays their role and above all remain fit. It is only in this way that the team will be able to achieve great things. He has urged each player to prepare themselves well and make sure that they give their best in order to bring success back to the Liverpool side.


Liverpool legend, Steven Gerrard, makes his return for his club side, LA Galaxy upon returning from a groin injury.

The talented midfielder was subbed into the match for LA Galaxy captain Robbie Keane in the 60th minute.

The visitors pushed hard for an equalizer after the New England Revolution cut the score line to 3-2. Captain fantastic collected a pass from Mike Magee at the top of the box in stoppage time and made his way through the Revs defense before looping his shot into the back of the net. His goal sealed all three points for the Galaxy.

The overjoyed prolific player made headlines when he mentioned his intention to return to Europe, Liverpool specifically. The former England captain joined his current club last year after 17 years with hometown club Liverpool, where he achieved Champions League glory in 2005.

Though the 35-year-old player mentioned that he and his family were happy living in California, he admitted he missed friends and family in England as well as attending games at Anfield.
Gerrard said:

“I will be going home at some point.

“Sooner rather than later I will return to where I’m comfortable.

“I don’t want to start any unnecessary rumours. I’m really happy where I am at the moment. But I’m sure somewhere down the line I will represent Liverpool football club.
“I miss my friends and my family. I miss a bit of cold weather.

“I miss going to the games. I spent 35 years in Liverpool. Liverpool’s my home, it always will be. This is my second home for a short period of time.

“Sooner rather than later I will return to where I’m comfortable with my people – and that’s Liverpool.

“I’m getting on a little bit now so eventually we’ll move back and settle in Liverpool.”