The Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has said that the club should be working hard enough to tie the 32-year-old midfielder Steven Gerrard on a long-term contract. The Liverpool midfielder has been one of the influential players for the club over the past decade.

Despite turning 32 years of age recently, he still has a massive influence on the team according to the manager. He also looks after himself extremely well, which means that he still has many years left ahead of him. Hence, the manager has persuaded the Liverpool board to consider offering Steven Gerrard a new contract.

The Liverpool captain’s contract comes to an end in just over 18 months. Even though he has previously rejected the possibility of joining other teams, Rodgers has said that it is extremely important that the club secured the future of one of their important players. Despite entering into the twilight of his career, Gerrard has been able to make it into the starting lineup of every Premier league match. He recently scored in the matches against Aston Villa and Fulham. Even though it has not been a great scoring season for Gerrard, his influence on the pitch cannot be doubted.

Gerrard has made more than 600 appearances for the club since making his debut as a teenager. “I don’t think there’s any question we want to extend his contract. Steven has a real hunger to succeed. He’s 32 years of age but he’s still got so much left. He’s still been making the runs and his influence within the team has been outstanding. His influence for me, especially once he’s started to understand what I’m looking for, has been absolutely first class,” said Rodgers. In total, Gerrard has made 18 appearances in the league and has scored four goals. Liverpool are in the eighth position in the league table.