Steven Gerrard is hoping Liverpool will recover in the Europa League

After having spent 17 years performing with Liverpool, Steven Gerrard has earned the love and trust from the fans of the Premier League club and even though the English midfielder left Liverpool over 1 year ago, Gerrard still remains up to date with everything that is going on with the club on Anfield.
It’s even being rumored that Gerrard might make a return to Liverpool someday and continue helping out his childhood club but as a manager instead of a player.

Steven Gerrard recently overcame an injury which kept him off of the pitch from around 1 month and the English midfielder made his return to the pitch during LA Galaxy’s match against Houston Dynamo and the match finished with a 4-1 triumph for LA Galaxy. Gerrard was one of the standout players in this game as he scored 1 superb goal and provided 1 assist as well.

Even at his 35 years of age, Gerrard is proving that he is capable of performing and actually contributing to his team. Throughout the entirety of his playing career, Gerrard has lifted a number of significant pieces of silverware such as: Champions League and the UEFA Super Cup just to name a few.

Gerrard failed to win the Premier League and the Europa League as Liverpool never managed to emerge as champions from these competitions during the time that Gerrard was performing with the red jersey.

Liverpool are currently performing in the Europa League as they played against Villareal for the 1rst leg and the Spanish club came out on top with a 1-0 triumph. The veteran player is still hopeful that Liverpool will be able to make a comeback in the 2nd leg and continue their journey to the finals of the Europa League.

“We are still in it, we still have the second leg to play in Anfield.. Let’s go boys.. YNWA”Gerrard wrote on his twitter account after Liverpool lost against Villareal in the first leg.

Liverpool made a sensational comeback against Borussia Dortmund when they faced off on April 14 in the quarter-finals of the Europa League and the German club scored twice in the 1rst half but the team of JurgenKlopp scored 4 goals in the 2nd half which was enough to clinch the victory and they will have to make another comeback in order to stay alive in the Europa League but Gerrard is certain that his former club will be able to do it.