Jurgen Klopp wants Arsenal to Quicken the Transfer Process

Jurgen Klopp doesn’t think that the Reds are lagging behind in the transfer market and that they should show a bit of urgency.

The supporters are concerned by the fact that the other top sides in the Premiership are doing a hell of a lot of shopping, while, Liverpool has not been too keen on that.

But, Klopp urges the supporters to take into account that the teams which are making frequent signings this summer, be it Manchester United or anyone else, they have offloaded a number of their players and they need to slot in new names to fill the vacant places that have been created because of the departures.

But, the case of Liverpool is not similar to that. Liverpool hasn’t offloaded too many players. So, there is no need of too many new signings and it’s not that there hasn’t been any signing made by Liverpool at all. There have been a few. But, they can’t go on an unnecessary shopping spree.

Klopp says that if the supporters seek new signings just for the mere reason that the rival clubs have made new signings, then that is completely illogical and the Liverpool management can’t do anything to please them in that regard. The management and the club know what they require from the market this summer and they believe they are on track to get that.

As per Klopp, whoever is feeling panicky because of the club not doing much of inbound business, he doesn’t have anything to say to them. The only thing he can say is that he, as the head coach of the team, is not feeling panicky at all and if he is not feeling panicky, the supporters should understand that everything is alright.