Gerrard happy with Liverpool performance

Former Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard said that he was happy with the way Liverpool played against Manchester United.

He said that the players had given the best on the pitch and it is unfortunate that they could not score a goal.

Gerrard said that Manchester United came to Anfield to get a point from the game and was not interested in attacking. He said that it is never easy to create chances against this kind of tactics and believes that the players have done well during the match.

The former Liverpool captain said that David de Gea produces some outstanding saves as well and this is what denied Liverpool and much-deserved win in the game. Overall he is satisfied with the performance of the team

Gerrard said that not all teams would come to Anfield and play like Manchester United did. He believes that Liverpool will have other matches where they could score early and forced the opposition to open themselves up. He said that Mourinho set up his team in order to prevent Liverpool from playing their usual games and that they need to find a way to play against teams that play such tactics. He trusts Klopp to find a strategy to win games against such opposition and believes that the team will come more dangerous as the season goes by.

He believes that the team is progressing well under Jurgen Klopp and he believes that Liverpool will be among the teams that will challenge for the title at the end of the season. However, it is important that they show some consistency. He said that it is no use beating the big sides only to lose or draw games against the smaller sides.

Steven Gerrard believes that Liverpool has a genuine chance to win the title this season especially with the fact that they are not in Europe.